Courses & Certification


With 130+ modules to choose from, a customized short course will upskill technicians on the most common problem areas in your industry. Each course is prepared to suit your needs and can have a duration from 2 – 5 days depending on your priority.

Sample courses for Heavy Equipment:
  • Basic / Advanced Hydraulics
  • Basic / Advanced Electrical / Electronics
  • PM Maintenance, Inspections and Reporting
  • Systematic Troubleshooting
  • Basic Engine Fundamentals
  • Basic Powertrain
  • More…


Each of the four trade programs listed below is broken into two sections per year, 80% On the job training (Hands on) and 20% Off the job training (at the Training Center). For example, Heavy Equipment Trade requires the Learner to complete 1500hrs. of instructor-led training and 7500hrs. of jobsite training. PLR (Prior Learning Recognition) Process will validate experienced learners and fast-track them through their selected program:

  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
  • Welder
  • Parts person
  • Electrical/Electronics

Each of these competency-based trade programs are designed to recognize their previous skills and identify specific gaps that enhance their technical skills, optimize their thought process, and improve their overall performance. Each of these programs can range from three to five years depending on the selected trade path.


The Panafrican Group has partnered with The College Of The Rockies (COTR) to create the Prior Learning Recognition Program that will award our Technicians the Canadian Certification equivalent to the industry standards as set in the Canadian Red Seal Program. All our technicians in East and West Africa will work to these excellence standards resulting in improved customer service and support.


We have bridged the barriers that for years have separated training from industry and together with HR, we ensure that all participants successfully progress through the program. Our trade experts accompany the employees through the path to success and strengthen their confidence to apply their newly acquired skills.


Having completed the Trade Certification Program, the participant becomes responsible for safely performing their daily duties efficiently and they assume accountability for the quality and workmanship of the tasks performed. They are able to perform work and integrate themselves as professional members in their chosen field and have proven that he/she possesses the following Professional Attributes:

  • Communication Skills and Customer Relations
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Desire to Continue Learning and Keep Up to Date
  • Confidence and Initiative
  • Responsible, Dependable, and Punctual
  • Adaptable and Creative
  • Team/group work and Planning Ability
  • Care for Quality and Workmanship
  • Professional Attitude and Personal Care
  • Be Safety Conscience and Proactive