MF 300 Xtra | 50-85 HP

Key Features

Emissions Mechanical/hydrostatic Transmission Cylinders


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  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • PTO
  • Hydraulics
  • Rear Linkage
  • Front Axle
  • Operator Environment
  • Frame & Sun Canopy
  • Front Weights
  • Drawbar
  • Trailer Tipping Pipe

Powerful and fuel efficient 3 & 4 cylinder engines with well proven direct mechanical fuel injection.

The high torque levels ensure good pulling power, reducing the number of gear changes when the load increases.

8 Forward and 2 Reverse sliding spur gear transmission.

Providing 4 well-spaced gears in 2 ranges, giving ample speed options for a variety of tasks, easily selected by the centre shift transmission controls.

All models are configured with a safety start mechanism preventing the engine from starting should the transmission be left in gear.

All models are equipped with a live drive 540 rpm PTO with a standard 6 spline 35mm shaft.

This allows drive to be transferred to rear-mounted implements such as mowers or static threshing machines, keeping linkages to a minimum.

The internal MF scotch yoke pump is unique to Massey Ferguson. The pump is situated in the bottom of the rear axle centre housing, immersed in oil.

This ensures that it is always accessible to the oil and means that the oil lines are kept to a minimum giving uninterrupted oil supply to the gearbox and rear axle.

All models are supplied with a trailer tipping pipe allowing the hydraulic system to be used for simple hydraulic functions as well as the rear linkage.

The rear 3-point linkage offers compatibility for category 1 and category 2 implements. This allows the MF 300 Xtra Series to use a wide variety of implements.

With lift capacities of 1451 kg for the MF 345 Xtra and MF 350 Xtra, and 2145 kg for the MF 355 Xtra up to the MF 385 Xtra, this tractor range is capable of handling implements from small mowers and transport boxes to heavier implements such as small ploughs and cultivators.

All models are equipped with a strong box section adjustable 2WD front axle. Giving excellent manoeuvrability and adjustable track width. All models are specified with front weights.

The MF 345 Xtra and MF 355 Xtra are specified with mechanical steering whilst all other models have hydrostatic steering, oil being supplied from a dedicated engine driven pump.

The MF 385 Xtra can be supplied with the factory-fitted 4WD front axle. Specified with a limited slip differential, the front axle boosts traction and stability with maximum simplicity and minimal maintenance.

The offset driveline gives the tractor a low centre of gravity, giving good ground clearance and is mechanically engaged.

The operator environment is a classic footstep layout with all controls falling easily to hand from the mechanically adjusted spring seat.

This ensures any operator can find a comfortable seating position at all times and safely reach all the driving controls.

All models are specified with a sun canopy, support frame and seat belt.

A tool box is conveniently locate to the left of the operator and is easily accessible.

Mounted on a robust frame, the sun canopy protects the driver from the sun’s UV rays, reducing the glare and heat exposure.

The end result is a more comfortable operator environment and greater productivity.

These provide extra weight to the front of the tractor, aiding weight transfer to the rear axle during draft applications, thus enhancing traction and improving stability and performance.

Essential for using trailed equipment. The heavy duty construction is designed for haulage work and field cultivation.

Primarily suited for trailers with hydraulic tipping, for easy and quick unloading. Also used for attached implements which require a single acting hydraulic function.