MF 7600 | 140-255 HP

Key Features

Horsepower Panorama Front lift capacity AGCO power engine
140 HP
255 HP
CAB 5000KG
Rear Lift Capacity


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  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Easy on the operator
  • Power any implement
  • In total control

The latest 2nd generation stage 3B AGCO POWER engines.Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology filters the exhaust gases after the combustion process to substantially reduce nitrous oxide and particulate emissions, while delivering meaningful savings in fuel. With the new side exhaust system, the MF 7600 incorporates Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). Sophisticated, yet maintenance-free, DOC further reduces emissions, with no compromise to optimum engine efficiency and maximum power.

Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions with Engine Power Management (EPM) are simple to operate. All functions can be controlled without using the clutch pedal and information on range selection and powershift ratios is displayed on the dashboard.Speedmatching is standard to ensure the most appropriate powershift ratio is automatically selected, and Autodrive, Supercreep and Comfort Control are also standard.Dyna-6 models come with ‘ECO Mode’ for maximum fuel and engine efficiency. Dyna-4 and 6 come with Engine Power Management (EPM) for continuous power delivery in various conditions and applications, increasing productivity whilst lowering fuel consumption. In ECO Mode the tractor reaches

A tractor capable of long hours or many hectares of productive work must ensure that the operator is comfortable, remains alert and is fully engaged with the task at hand. Designed from the outset with an emphasis on comfort, ease of operation and a sense of operator involvement the ISO mounted flat floor platform has rubber noise suppression matting and a mechanical suspension seat with the ergonomically laid out controls positioned exactly where you would expect them to be. The raised driving position provides excellent all-round visibility in the field or on the highway.

With a choice of up to two PTO speeds the MF 5700 Series can meet the requirements of a full range of powered equipment for a multitude of tasks and applications. The IPTO provides the operator with ultimate control while maximising the reliability of both the tractor and implement drivelines.

For maximum manoeuvrability the MF 5700 Series are available with a heavy duty 2WD axle providing five alternate track width settings in 102mm steps to suit crop and field conditions. For enhanced traction and stability they can be specified with a 4WD front axle featuring limited slip differential, centre drive shaft and automatic engagement during braking for enhanced safety. Manoeuvrability is also maximised by the front axle’s 55° steering angle.